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Music & Stories Player for Kids

  • Cut back on screen-time but keep the fun factor 
  • Give them a device you can trust (stop sharing yours!)
  • Independent play that sparks emotional intelligence
Jooki music & stories player for kids

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Music, Stories, Learning & Fun!

Research confirms the many benefits of audio content for children. Here are just a few:

  • Listening to music, stories, or guided meditations eases episodes of emotional dysregulation and helps children refocus and reset.
  • Sparks imagination because your children must picture / imagine the locations, scenery, and characters being described in stories or songs.
  • Develops listening skills. Active listening is an important soft skill that fosters problem-solving, leadership, and teamwork.
  • Helps children understand language beyond their reading level, and learn new words and advanced constructs.

Jooki is easy for kids and parents to use...

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Save an additional €20 off  Jooki TODAY with promo code: 20GIFTBOX

Jooki Makes *Your* Life Easier!

  • No more having to hand your phone or tablet over to the kids when they want to listen to music, podcasts, or audio books. Your children will have their own screen-free device and only be able to play audio content previously approved by you. 
  • Jooki keeps your children safely learning and entertained for hours so you can get things done. Whether that's at home or out and about with the kids. Because Jooki streams Spotify playlists from WiFi and  offline mp3 playlists.
  • Bedtime is drama-free with Jooki's help. Use slumber-songs playlists or bedtime stories playlists to help your children wind down and ease into dream land. You approve the playlists and your children can choose what they want to listen to.

Families Love Jooki

Good things to know...

  • Jooki streams Spotify on Wi-Fi or plays offline mp3 playlists
  • Bluetooth connects Jooki to wireless headphones
  • You control the content your children listen to with our updated Jooki app
  • Reprogram your Jooki playlists as much as you want! No need to buy individual stories and albums on cards or widget toys to give your children more content
  • Premium award-winning sound quality and volume control

It's more fun with Jooki!

Get €20 off today + FREE standard shipping!

Save an additional €20 off Jooki TODAY with promo code: 20GIFTBOX