You’re one step closer to giving your child a unique way of creating lasting memories! 🎉

Your new Jooki is a modern device just like your laptop, smartphone, game console, or smart-home unit. It requires initial set-up for use.

So bookmark this page. It includes important details not included in the packaging. These steps will make setting up Jooki a breeze.

1. IMPORTANT: Charge your new Jooki to full capacity. Before you download our app, or start playing with the controls, Jooki’s heart needs to be full and happy. 💓 So please be sure the first thing you do after unboxing Jooki is to plug in its usb cord and wait for it to completely charge. (We suggest waiting at least 30 minutes.)

2. After charging, download the Jooki mobile app. Once your Jooki has charged for at least 30 minutes, download and open our Jooki app. Then follow the easy activation instructions. (You will find a QR code for the app on your Jooki box lid.)

3. Watch our Activation & Registration video. Watch this 2-minute video to connect to Wi-Fi, download updates, and see how to operate Jooki. 👇

It’s a good idea to set up Jooki when you don’t have an eager child beside you! Consider doing it during bedtime or when they’re in class.

We’re here for you! If you have any questions, please email for help.